Vehicle Tracking System

Saving time is equivalent to saving money in business which is one reason why real time information is so critical to the success of your business. With the 3 Spark Smart Services Wireless Data Interchange System you receive updated and real time information within seconds from your PC browser. Minute by minute you receive updates on important information that helps you slash costs and raise efficiency levels across your field staff.

Wireless Job Assignments and Task Redeployment

Businesses constantly face priority customers on a last minute basis. With Smart Services you can infuse predictability into such unexpected surprises. Redeploy your field staff on the fly.

With Smart Services you can perform effective employee management at the touch of a button - literally! Resource management becomes easy, business operations function smoothly and you know all your employee locations at any point of time.

Simply reassign task schedules using this revolutionary wireless solution for field sales. Depending on the geographic location and work status of your field staff you can direct them to the priority customer. Through Smart Services you never waste a minute wondering if your mobile employees are as productive as they are supposed to be!

Real Time Billing and Order Information

With Smart Services you will no longer have to wait for the end of the day to receive critical customer billing and order information. Instead, your mobile employees can now send in real time and updated information using Smart Services. Receive in-depth billing and customer order information within seconds of the actual sale!


Once you receive real time billing and order information, Smart Services provides several reports which can be customized based on client requirement. Smart Services can also provide you with ETA feature to raise customer satisfaction scores and ensure a smooth and seamless business operation.

3 Spark Tracking System

With 3 Spark Smart Services managing your mobile employees has never been easier. Smart Services puts a range of employee and asset management tools right at your fingertips. From your web browser you can see:

  • Locations at a Glance: See the location of each mobile employee as an icon laid out on the map interface. Click on the icon and a mini-window pops up with greater detail on that employee.
  • Transit Data: Smart Services provides you with all the necessary stats such as time in transit, time at location, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and other useful data.
  • On / Off Clock: Employees can log themselves as on or off the clock. When off the clock tracking is suspended. Employees can rest assured that they're not being tracked during their private off-hours time. Employers get data they can use for clock in/clock out payroll records. and much more. Smart Services gives you the visibility you need to make sure your field operations are running smoothly.
  • Stop wasting time and money asking for status, ETA or other details. With one glance you'll see exactly what's going on and have peace of mind that all your information is real-time.