Field Staff Management

  • Track your employees even when out of Mobile Network
  • Load custom apps for attendance, sales, fuel, spares and various data
  • Increase field work efficiency
  • On-field, time and location stamped reporting through Android apps

Smart Phone Application to improve efficiency of Field staff

  • Real time Billing, Complaints and Order information
  • Phone Camera application for images, time-stamp  & map plotting
  • Real time tracking of field staff by GPS enabled smart-phone
  • Attendance by smart-phone applicationa

Blackberry based Tracking Solution

  • Distance traveled report for individual vehicle
  • Daily Route Analysis for the route taken on any previous day.
  • How much time has been spent at a stop over with time-line.
  • Now one can see all stops made during each working day by a field person increasing accountability.
  • A Sales/Service territory or a particular area can be geo-fenced and a alert is generated as soon as Blackberry owner crosses the virtual fence.
  • Save on field staff travel expenses. Each person in field will make himself “available” in the morning and “unavailable” at the end of the day on Blackberry.  Field staff can now send T.A. and D.A. on daily basis. Company can settle their travel account on weekly basis. This will reduce field staff draw amount.

Some sample applications

Wireless job assignments
Journeys to the office just got redundant! With SmartServices© you can implement the concept of mobile employees to the fullest. Job allocation and designation can be accomplished instantly by sending in the data to your employees’ cell phones.

Task redeployment
Businesses constantly face priority customers on a last minute basis. With SmartServices© you can infuse predictability into such unexpected surprises. Simply reassign task schedules using this revolutionary wireless solution for field sales/Service. Depending on the geographic location and work status of your field staff you can direct them to the priority customer.

Real time billing and order information
With SmartServices© you will no longer have to wait for the end of the day to receive critical customer Billing, Complaints and order information.